Basso & Brooke Fall 2010
A very interesting collection which has explored the idea of mixing lots of different patterns together. This collection just blew me away when it caught my eye. Just love the way the different patterns clash together so perfectly. A very interesting collection through out. Exploring the way different patterns have an affect on the body when put on garements. I really do believe they have carried on and almost evolved from their last collection which was so successful in my eyes. This has a really harsh way of joining the patterns together unlike their last which was very smooth the way it wrapped around the body. This however seems to be dividing the body up in to sections in an overload of colour and pattern. There is definitely a hint of McQueen in this collection. Has a patch work quilt theme to it. It seems to get better at each outfit you view. I have used this collection as inspiration for my final major project because it makes me really motivated and makes me want to create something just as beautiful.

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