Tommy Hilfiger x Keith Haring
Keith Haring, both artist and activist, has a habit of using his art to serve important social causes, supporting research and caretaking organisations that fight against AIDS. It is with this goal that Tommy Hilfiger Corporate has associated with the Keith Haring Foundation and Artestar LLC. The result is a small collection named Footwear in limited edition, composed of sneakers and rain boots for women and kids, and sneakers for men. I think that this collection of foot ware is really successful and so unusual, i was actually in the Colette store two weeks ago and nearly overlooked this collection of foot ware until a fellow student pointed it out in amazement. I have got to admit that i bought a pair of the blue trainers in the above image. I absolutely love them and i know that i probably will not see anyone else with these trainers because they are only sold at Colette in Paris. Even the little set that they were being displayed in amazed me. I thought it was really unique and really helped sell the trainers. Really like the way it is a combination of converse and plimsoles makes a hybrid trainer which makes it really unique and just a well rounded appealing trainer.

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