Final Image

This is my image from my photo shoot, it represents me as a digital print designer and knit wear designer. I really can't believe i have made whats displayed in this image. I feel it is such an achievement getting to this stage in my fashion career so far. It really shows my title for my final major project which is Natural Fusion, the combination of the chunky knit being the natural and organic side, also the flurorescents in the dress are the fusion part stripe and racing across the dress causing this natural fusion between the complete opposites.

The Evolution of Chunky Knit

This is my extreme chunky knit, i am firstly knitting on a knitting machine first then i have a knitter knitting it into chunky cardigans covered in cable knit and various other knitting techniques. These are sections of a cardigan that weighs about 20kg, so it is a serious work out wearing it. The collection then evolves into extremely large and over the top chunky knit to wrap around the models. The knit has been inspired by the starting point of nature’s wood/grains. The knit seems to be growing and almost becoming an organic mass yet still slightly wearable.

mcq alexander mcqueen fall 2010 1 McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Lookbookmcq alexander mcqueen fall 2010 2 McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Lookbookmcq alexander mcqueen fall 2010 3 McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Lookbookmcq alexander mcqueen fall 2010 5 McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Lookbookmcq alexander mcqueen fall 2010 4 McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Lookbookmcq alexander mcqueen fall 2010 6 McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Lookbookmcq alexander mcqueen fall 2010 7 McQ by Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Lookbook

Although his passing will obviously put a standstill on future designs, Alexander McQueen’s design legacy lives on through this upcoming 2010 Fall Collection from McQ by Alexander McQueen. Following a grunge-inspired aesthetic, the line is highlighted by the use of patches, flannel, knits and stripes throughout an extensive array of relaxed garments. Images of the lookbook are offered below.

adidas Originals Top Ten Hi Sleek Offspring Exclusive

adidas Originals Top Ten Hi Sleek Offspring Exclusive

Adidas Originals drops the following pack of Top Ten Hi Sleeks exclusively through British retailer Offspring. Two high-contrast colors on the re-worked Top Ten Hi silhouette. Slimmed down for the ladies, two colors include blue/yellow and pink/green.

Crazy colours added by adidas to their classic hightops. shame they aren't for men, because i would wear a pair for sure.
Jean Paul Gaultier to Launch Home Furnishings
A collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier and French furniture brand Roche Bobois is due to be unveiled, in full, over the coming months. For now we can offer a what’s to come, by taking a look Jean Paul Gaultier’s renovation of Elle Decoration’s suite.
The apartment is located on the top floor of Paris’ architecture museum and was last decorated by Maison Martin Margiela and in 2008 by Christian Lacroix. Featuring different themes throughout, ranging from bleached effects to an abandoned conservatory, each space is extravagant. Stay tuned for the full collaborative venture!

New Nike SB "Dirty Money" Collection

Nike SB “Dirty Money” CollectionCelebrating the launch of “Dirty Money”, Nike SB creates this two pack of sneakers, made exclusively for the Brazilian market. Dirty Money is a film that recalls the original Dirty Money tape from the 90s, an instrumental video which spurred the resurgence of skating in the country. A Blazer Hi and Dunk Mid are offered in the pack, both taking elements from that era to create two all-new designs, with assistance from Nike SB Brazil team rider Fabio Cristiano. A release is scheduled for May 11th, 2010 following an official Dirty Money 2010 screening of the film.
nerd hot fun video shoot 2 N.E.R.D. Rolls Royce by Friends With YouBBC/Ice Cream puts us onto images from the upcoming Hot & Fun video by N.E.R.D. Featured within the shoot was this special Rolls-Royce, painted by Friends With You. Definitely an interesting development following the buzz surrounding the recent KAWS-painted car.
donald cummings ray ban aviators Donald Cummings x Ray Ban Aviators
In a revival of the storied Ray-Ban Aviators model, The Virgins’ Donald Cummings enters the fold as one of the participating artists looking to highlight the new direction of the Aviator. A total of six different sub-collections will begin releasing in June as it includes “the Ray-Ban Craft, Road Spirit, Tech, Titanium, Metal Glide and the limited edition Ultra Gold.” With a distinct musical theme to the re-launch, a series of concerts will take place starting in New York tonight with Iggy & the Stooges and featuring The Virgins and Free Energy.

Ray-Ban is creating six new looks for its iconic Aviator eyewear

“The goal is to establish once again the edginess of the brand, and continue a constant dialogue with our consumers,” said Sara Beneventi, global brand manager for Ray-Ban. “Lifestyle trends continue to take [inspiration] from old looks [and] 2010, more than ever, is the right year to relaunch the Aviator.”

The 60-year-old Aviator’s classic frame will be joined by six collections: the Ray-Ban Craft, Road Spirit, Tech, Titanium, Metal Glide and the limited edition Ultra Gold.

The Metal Glide and Road Spirit will offer frame colors such as blue, red, yellow and fuchsia. The Tech lenses consist of a new carbon fiber, the Titanium is crafted of milled titanium and the Ultra Gold features a mix of titanium, beta-titanium and gold.

The collections will retail from $139 for the classic Aviator to $495 for the Ultra Gold collection, and will be available in the U.S. in June.

“There has been a total revision of shape, material and colors,” Beneventi said. “The Aviator exemplifies all the edginess of the brand. It’s a perfect summary of how we see Ray-Ban.”

The brand gave similar treatment to the Wayfarer frame — red and white frames were introduced — in 2006 and to the Clubmaster, which was relaunched two years later with seven additional colors.

The collections will be celebrated tonight during a concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, headlined by Iggy & the Stooges and featuring The Virgins and Free Energy.

“We tried to partner with bands that are in line with Ray-Ban values…Iggy Pop is considered an icon in the rock music world, as we consider our Aviator an icon in the eyewear world,” Beneventi said.

The concert will be followed by a similar event in London on May 26 featuring the New York Dolls, the Plastiscines, The Big Pink and We Are Scientists.

The musicians have also decorated the lenses of Aviators in a collaboration with Ray-Ban. The results range from scribbles to sketches and will be on display at the Brooklyn concert and in select retail doors, but will not be available for sale.

Common Projects S/S 2010 Collection

Common Projects Spring Summer collection, these shoes are soooooo stylish, converese mixed with lofas. such a classic look which sits in with the new preppy modern style. I would definitely consider buying into a pair of these if not for the £300 price tag!

Arts Thread Page Ideas

These are some ideas i have come up with for a website called Artsthread. It is a promotional website for students, it displays there work for companies to view. Its very helpful for me because it gives you a head start into the industry if you get noticed.

Knit Ideas

The collection then evolves into extremely large and over the top chunky knit to wrap around the models. The knit has been inspired by the starting point of nature’s wood/grains. The knit seems to be growing and almost becoming an organic mass yet still slightly wearable.

Final Line up for Final Major Project

This is collection inspired by combining natural colours from wood grain with a vibrant colour palette to create a range of experimental stripes. Which will be made into beautiful long sleeve dresses made of silk satin spandex. Using a very stylish shape to compliment the female form. They would fit within fashion as it is today but at more of the top end because of the one of a kind prints used.

Kanye West - Paranoid

Big new video from Mr West! It's thriller mixed with sin city such a quality concept. Keep it coming Kanye!

Jay Z - On To The Next One

Epic new video from the rapper Jay Z. Just showing his versatility in this music video, the styling makes everything in this video.
Alice In Wonderland
What a strange and wonderful film by the visionary director Tim Burton. Who has created such films as the Nightmare Before Christmas, 9, Corpse Bride and one of my favourites Sleepy Hollow! I have got to say this film didn't hit as having an amazing story line, but in visual effects and general Tim Burton magic it was mind blowing. I am glad to see he is back working with Johnny Depp, they seem to work so well with each other and feed off each others talents making this film a complete success. Twiddledum and Twiddledeeare played by Matt Lucas which really makes this part because of his size and his amazing sense of humour which really shines through in his performance. I especially love the Hatter in this film, and the way they have styled him to create this worn being made up of beautiful textures and patterns, such great styling especially the lace growing all over his enormous hat. The end was a bit disappointing because it finished way to quickly and suddenly Alice at the spare of the moment decides to take over her diciest fathers business. Overall i would give it a 7/10. Decent. but could be better.

Emilio Pucci Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear.
A really well put together from Emilio Pucci with a lot of variation between prints that have been used. I especially like the black and white dress that looks like incan drawing drawn across it. Like the way it stretches across her body and distorts the black lines. The second is this gold sparkly number which oozzes class and sex appeal, you know you look good if you can wear a dress like this and look fabulous in it. Also love that deep blue green set against the gold, a very expensive looking dress not something that could be ripped off by river island or H&M. The last but not the least is this silky long body suit that combined with the coat looks amazing. Especially the dark colours that are set in the body suit are really complimented by the black coat bring them more to the surface rather than a background colour that has been left on by mistake.

Roberto Cavalli - Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear.
Cavalli is back with another amazing collection full of furs, animal prints and William Morris inspired embroidery. Especially in the picture of the blonde model with the red and white coat. Fabulous example of mixing real furs with animal prints with a wall paper finish. The reason i like this because in a way he is mixing real and fake together (the fur and the animal print), combing different medians together or rather different patterns together, just amazing. This has definitely inspired me in my final collection making me think i need to add another aspect to my collection that completely flips and turns the collection around! I have chosen another outfit that i feel is really successful in this collection, the second is this combination of grey fur, mixed with digitally printed leopard skin and other pale complimenting colours, just love the bulk of the fur next to the flowing light sheer fabrics beneath the coat. What a beautiful collection.
Lady Gaga!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to go see the gaga friday 26th Feb. What an insane show, was very very strange. It had a running story line through out of her trying to get to the monster ball. It reminded me of a modern day wizard of Oz, but a lot darker with a sinister and lustful twist. She truly is a very talented woman, especially how well she can sing live, because at first glance she seems the type that is very fabricated and made up by the record label. But from this performance i could tell she is a very talented woman who has such a lust for her music and her own personal style while not being conscious that she is making a lot of money. The whole performance went flawless to me, just was amazed by everything including the set which seemed to have as many costume changes as her. One minute it would be a banged up rolls royce with a piano in the bonnet to the next in the middle of a forest. She was very impressive with her costumes all eight of them, they were styled to perfection just brilliant. My favorite has got to be from the image i have posted above. Which as soon as i saw it i thought of Hussein Chalayan. How the head piece and the front, back and sides all moved as she walked about the stage. And i went straight on twitter and confirmed it, was actually pleased that i could recognize the inspiration. And of course she finished on Bad Romance, bloody good ending, can't wait till she returns.
8th - 12th February
What an exhausting and wild five days. Coach trip down there was quite funny because of the tutors not knowing that we had a EuroStar booking instead of a ferry booking. Made me laugh so much but was good in a way because it meant that would be in Paris at least three hours earlier. So more time for exploring and finding some where to eat.

Got to the out skirts of Paris about 2.00, got to say it didn't look good, not a great area to be staying in but we were right next to the metro station so it was quick and easy to get into Paris central.

That night got the coach into central Paris which took bloody ages, so next time it was all about getting the metro in. So as a group of third years we set off to find somewhere really nice to eat. So once we found somewhere we sat down and tucked into a well needed pizza which was amazing. Also some really cheap awful wine. Then we set about getting the metro home which we thought was going to be easy, but dam we were sooooooo wrong! We got the metro to as far as it went, had to jump over a barrier which was a bit risky. Then jumped on a bus for free that took us to the airport instead of Parc des Exhibition which was where we were staying. Then after running about asking loads of people that told us the rail line was open, that it actually wasn't! So we had to get a ridiculously priced taxi back to our hotel! Cost nearly ten Euros!!! Bloody rip off! Then straight to bed as i was working on the stand tomorrow.

Getting up at 7.00 was a bit of a killer after roaming around Paris the night before! Today i will be working on the stand with Meera, Carly and one of my tutors Will. The stand is at a Textiles show called Premier Vision, and we will be within the Student part called Indigo. This was a very interesting experience in how companies actually source their designs/inspiration. While working on the stand you actually got an insight in how ridiculous some of the people are within fashion. It was actually really surprising at what the companies bought from us. It was a lot painted on fabric work and hardly any digital which really surprised me because i thought digital was the new era of design but it proved me wrong with the amount of traditional work that was bought. This was a truly exciting day that helped me greatly that designers aren't really designing their selves they are just buying it all in and tweaking it slightly.

That night after an extremely long day on the stand me and few of the other third years joined the tutors for a meal, which was really good and a lot of good banter went around we then met to catch the coach back to the hotel.

Our third day in Paris did not start well at all. We decided that because the coach took so long that we would get the metro into central Paris. Once we got to the train station and boarded the train, then to find out that a train had broken down a little way up the line so we were advised to stay on the train and were asured that it would be sorted out quickly. We must of been on the cold train for an hour! They then decided to tell us that there was a bus service running to get us to the next available station. We then got pushed, shoved off of buses while mad french police were shouting at everyone, this lasted for bout an hour till we finally got onto a bus! We eventurly arrived in central paris and proceeded to get the train to the fabric market. This market was very interesting but at the same time i got quite bored with it because it didn't really help me with my final collection. We then decided to find some where to get something to eat, so we settled down in a random restaurant which i tucked into an amazing steak. Then got the metro back to the hotel because for those who weren't on the stand tomorrow we had a trip planned to versaile.

An early start with a terrible film on the coach to compliment! Mama BLOODY Mia. What an awful film with shockingly bad singing to compliment it. Once we got to the french we piled out and i have never experienced cold like this it was insane i was cold all the way to the core! We eventurly got inside and slowly walked around taking in the amazing furniture and beautiful gold leafe furnishings. We then had some lunch in a really exspensive restaurent were i paid £15 for a tiny amount of pasta. We then headed into the surround town to view the shops and trying to keep warm at the same time.

The coach journey back was i have got to say the wierdest atmosphere ever because we found out that Alexander McQueen had commited suicide. So it really dampend the mood on the coach. I was actually really shocked when we were told because of what an amazing design he was and was just getting better and better. He will be a great loss to the fashion world and there will be no one better than him out there. So after getting back we went to the restaurent in the hotel next door which was actually amazing, and why the hell didn't we go there before.

We had the morning and afternoon to ourselves so we dicided to head into Paris. we went to a few of the designer shops. First of all the original Chanel shop, which actually didn't impress me as much as i thought it would. Just looked like the 60+ department in John Lewis. We then ventured to the Paul Smith shop which i could have spent thousands in there. I really liked the style of the whole place as if it was someones house and they were opening it up for public viewing. Just had that personal touch to it. Then the Cavalli shop. OH MY GOD what a paridice. Just full of amazing works of art and beautiful garments and the mens section was insane! We then proceed to Colette which i could have bought everything that was for men in there. I did walk away with a pair of Tommy Hilfiger x Kieth Haring trainers which i love because i know no one else i know will have such a unique trainer. We then caught the metro back to the hotel with enough time to sit down and relax before getting on that long coach ride home.

While on the coach i happened to realise that i left my phone behind in the hotel. Which wasn't good but i accepted it and just carried on.

I got to say that it was an amazing trip and wouldn't have wanted to go with any other group of people, they made it for me. Now to get on with my final Major Project.

Tommy Hilfiger x Keith Haring
Keith Haring, both artist and activist, has a habit of using his art to serve important social causes, supporting research and caretaking organisations that fight against AIDS. It is with this goal that Tommy Hilfiger Corporate has associated with the Keith Haring Foundation and Artestar LLC. The result is a small collection named Footwear in limited edition, composed of sneakers and rain boots for women and kids, and sneakers for men. I think that this collection of foot ware is really successful and so unusual, i was actually in the Colette store two weeks ago and nearly overlooked this collection of foot ware until a fellow student pointed it out in amazement. I have got to admit that i bought a pair of the blue trainers in the above image. I absolutely love them and i know that i probably will not see anyone else with these trainers because they are only sold at Colette in Paris. Even the little set that they were being displayed in amazed me. I thought it was really unique and really helped sell the trainers. Really like the way it is a combination of converse and plimsoles makes a hybrid trainer which makes it really unique and just a well rounded appealing trainer.

Y-3 2010 Spring Ready-To-Wear
Absolutely love Y-3 the designer range from adidas designed by Yohji Yamamoto. Especially these high top trainers from them. I think these are unique in a space age sort of way yet still having that 80's basketball high top twist thats what makes them individual. I do think that the high top trainer is making a big come back even though Nike have been making them for ages. I do view these trainers as very special just because of the rough leather with sprayed paint finish, you normally see them with different wild colours never with a different texture thats what makes them unique.

Basso & Brooke Fall 2010
A very interesting collection which has explored the idea of mixing lots of different patterns together. This collection just blew me away when it caught my eye. Just love the way the different patterns clash together so perfectly. A very interesting collection through out. Exploring the way different patterns have an affect on the body when put on garements. I really do believe they have carried on and almost evolved from their last collection which was so successful in my eyes. This has a really harsh way of joining the patterns together unlike their last which was very smooth the way it wrapped around the body. This however seems to be dividing the body up in to sections in an overload of colour and pattern. There is definitely a hint of McQueen in this collection. Has a patch work quilt theme to it. It seems to get better at each outfit you view. I have used this collection as inspiration for my final major project because it makes me really motivated and makes me want to create something just as beautiful.