Lady Gaga!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to go see the gaga friday 26th Feb. What an insane show, was very very strange. It had a running story line through out of her trying to get to the monster ball. It reminded me of a modern day wizard of Oz, but a lot darker with a sinister and lustful twist. She truly is a very talented woman, especially how well she can sing live, because at first glance she seems the type that is very fabricated and made up by the record label. But from this performance i could tell she is a very talented woman who has such a lust for her music and her own personal style while not being conscious that she is making a lot of money. The whole performance went flawless to me, just was amazed by everything including the set which seemed to have as many costume changes as her. One minute it would be a banged up rolls royce with a piano in the bonnet to the next in the middle of a forest. She was very impressive with her costumes all eight of them, they were styled to perfection just brilliant. My favorite has got to be from the image i have posted above. Which as soon as i saw it i thought of Hussein Chalayan. How the head piece and the front, back and sides all moved as she walked about the stage. And i went straight on twitter and confirmed it, was actually pleased that i could recognize the inspiration. And of course she finished on Bad Romance, bloody good ending, can't wait till she returns.

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