Alice In Wonderland
What a strange and wonderful film by the visionary director Tim Burton. Who has created such films as the Nightmare Before Christmas, 9, Corpse Bride and one of my favourites Sleepy Hollow! I have got to say this film didn't hit as having an amazing story line, but in visual effects and general Tim Burton magic it was mind blowing. I am glad to see he is back working with Johnny Depp, they seem to work so well with each other and feed off each others talents making this film a complete success. Twiddledum and Twiddledeeare played by Matt Lucas which really makes this part because of his size and his amazing sense of humour which really shines through in his performance. I especially love the Hatter in this film, and the way they have styled him to create this worn being made up of beautiful textures and patterns, such great styling especially the lace growing all over his enormous hat. The end was a bit disappointing because it finished way to quickly and suddenly Alice at the spare of the moment decides to take over her diciest fathers business. Overall i would give it a 7/10. Decent. but could be better.

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