Kanye West - Paranoid

Big new video from Mr West! It's thriller mixed with sin city such a quality concept. Keep it coming Kanye!

Jay Z - On To The Next One

Epic new video from the rapper Jay Z. Just showing his versatility in this music video, the styling makes everything in this video.
Alice In Wonderland
What a strange and wonderful film by the visionary director Tim Burton. Who has created such films as the Nightmare Before Christmas, 9, Corpse Bride and one of my favourites Sleepy Hollow! I have got to say this film didn't hit as having an amazing story line, but in visual effects and general Tim Burton magic it was mind blowing. I am glad to see he is back working with Johnny Depp, they seem to work so well with each other and feed off each others talents making this film a complete success. Twiddledum and Twiddledeeare played by Matt Lucas which really makes this part because of his size and his amazing sense of humour which really shines through in his performance. I especially love the Hatter in this film, and the way they have styled him to create this worn being made up of beautiful textures and patterns, such great styling especially the lace growing all over his enormous hat. The end was a bit disappointing because it finished way to quickly and suddenly Alice at the spare of the moment decides to take over her diciest fathers business. Overall i would give it a 7/10. Decent. but could be better.

Emilio Pucci Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear.
A really well put together from Emilio Pucci with a lot of variation between prints that have been used. I especially like the black and white dress that looks like incan drawing drawn across it. Like the way it stretches across her body and distorts the black lines. The second is this gold sparkly number which oozzes class and sex appeal, you know you look good if you can wear a dress like this and look fabulous in it. Also love that deep blue green set against the gold, a very expensive looking dress not something that could be ripped off by river island or H&M. The last but not the least is this silky long body suit that combined with the coat looks amazing. Especially the dark colours that are set in the body suit are really complimented by the black coat bring them more to the surface rather than a background colour that has been left on by mistake.

Roberto Cavalli - Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear.
Cavalli is back with another amazing collection full of furs, animal prints and William Morris inspired embroidery. Especially in the picture of the blonde model with the red and white coat. Fabulous example of mixing real furs with animal prints with a wall paper finish. The reason i like this because in a way he is mixing real and fake together (the fur and the animal print), combing different medians together or rather different patterns together, just amazing. This has definitely inspired me in my final collection making me think i need to add another aspect to my collection that completely flips and turns the collection around! I have chosen another outfit that i feel is really successful in this collection, the second is this combination of grey fur, mixed with digitally printed leopard skin and other pale complimenting colours, just love the bulk of the fur next to the flowing light sheer fabrics beneath the coat. What a beautiful collection.
Lady Gaga!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to go see the gaga friday 26th Feb. What an insane show, was very very strange. It had a running story line through out of her trying to get to the monster ball. It reminded me of a modern day wizard of Oz, but a lot darker with a sinister and lustful twist. She truly is a very talented woman, especially how well she can sing live, because at first glance she seems the type that is very fabricated and made up by the record label. But from this performance i could tell she is a very talented woman who has such a lust for her music and her own personal style while not being conscious that she is making a lot of money. The whole performance went flawless to me, just was amazed by everything including the set which seemed to have as many costume changes as her. One minute it would be a banged up rolls royce with a piano in the bonnet to the next in the middle of a forest. She was very impressive with her costumes all eight of them, they were styled to perfection just brilliant. My favorite has got to be from the image i have posted above. Which as soon as i saw it i thought of Hussein Chalayan. How the head piece and the front, back and sides all moved as she walked about the stage. And i went straight on twitter and confirmed it, was actually pleased that i could recognize the inspiration. And of course she finished on Bad Romance, bloody good ending, can't wait till she returns.