Emilio Pucci Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear.
A really well put together from Emilio Pucci with a lot of variation between prints that have been used. I especially like the black and white dress that looks like incan drawing drawn across it. Like the way it stretches across her body and distorts the black lines. The second is this gold sparkly number which oozzes class and sex appeal, you know you look good if you can wear a dress like this and look fabulous in it. Also love that deep blue green set against the gold, a very expensive looking dress not something that could be ripped off by river island or H&M. The last but not the least is this silky long body suit that combined with the coat looks amazing. Especially the dark colours that are set in the body suit are really complimented by the black coat bring them more to the surface rather than a background colour that has been left on by mistake.

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